We work with clients who would call themselves startups, scaleups, SME’s, Consultancies and BlueChips.

We have only ever focused on Software Engineering and Data Science meaning we have built unparalleled networks in these two areas. Our reach lets you access the best people in the sector, quickly and efficiently. We are embedded in the UK tech sector attending meetups, working strategically with development houses and consultancies whilst also having a reach across all the usual recruitment avenues you would expect (and a few you wouldn’t).


Specific projects can often require particularly specific skills or a temporary boost in headcount. When you want contractors you want them quickly but you also need the quality to be there. The problem is the contract market has become saturated over the last 5 years and that quality has become diluted. We can help restore the balance – the majority of the contractors currently working for us have worked for us previously. If they haven’t they will have come from a referral and have been extensively referenced (technical references). This means you know you are getting a quality, tested product. If the candidate is new to us we will let you know whilst still doing all of our due diligence.

Typically for a single contract requirement in our core area we would have 3-5 CV’s to you within 24 hours depending on the specifics of the role.


As you scale, increasing permanent headcount can be essential for your success. The right permanent hires are going to be with your business for years and that is why we like to partner with companies to ensure we have the deepest understanding possible of what you need and importantly, what will attract people to your business. So we don’t just want to send you CV’s matched up to an A4 job spec. We want to understand the development environment, not just the tech you use and what versions you’re on but ‘how’ you use it and how you like to work. Not everyone has a defined ‘culture’ necessarily but we would always liked to have visited your offices so we can visualize and therefore our candidates can visualize what it is like to work with you. This level of partnership means you not only attract the right people but that you keep them and they stay with you on your journey.

The bottom line is we will find you people who perhaps you didn’t even expect to hire yourselves. That is due to our knowledge of the sector but also getting a thorough understanding of your business.

Strategic Partnerships

Something we are most proud of and something which is hopefully testament to our knowledge of the market is how we work strategically with clients and third party engineering / development shops.

Emtec can offer you managed project solutions where a more strategic approach is required. This could mean providing whole teams on a retained (or other) commercial basis. Or it could also mean introducing you to some of the engineering / development houses we partner with at no cost to you. We can introduce you to some of the leaders in the industry where you need more than just to increase headcount. If it is necessary to outsource a whole project and you don’t want to use one of the consultancy giants paying hugely over the odds then we can introduce you to some awesome disruptors and thought leaders who are currently working with some of the biggest names in the tech space. So please get in touch if this is something you’d like to hear more about.